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You are four walls and a leak-proof roof and if you want you can keep your furnace burning all year round. I’ve built a home for myself inside of myself where I know I can keep the most important things safe. Treat your body gently. If your body itself is like a hollow home, freshly painted, new windows and floors, then your soul is the drapery, the carpets, the cups you choose to fill your kitchen cabinets with. Fill yourself with beautiful things. Fill yourself with late night conversations and things that keep you young and steal constellations and tie them around your ankles and swing yourself silly across state lines and hold hands with everyone you love, regardless of who you love. Fill yourself with words — all the words. Not just the ones that keep you safe. Read poetry as instruction manuals. Watch movies like they’re teaching you how to live. Drill holes in your heart that filter out all the things that are hurting you. Don’t let them hurt you. Go to concerts and fall in love underneath the moonlight and fall in love underneath fluorescent lights and fall in love with the light. Surround yourself with things you love, people you love. Buy yourself flowers. Treat yourself nicely. Take off your pants and make tea and eat blueberries until you feel like a blueberry. Sleep with the windows open in the summertime and listen to the conversations between bluejays. Clutter yourself or keep yourself clean, but make your internal room as beautiful or as raw as you want to be. Do what you want. It’s your body. It’s your home.

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September 16 2014
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I am haunted by all the editions of books that are prettier than the ones I already own.

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August 25 2014
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I don’t understand why sex is more shocking than violence.

— Léa Seydoux talking about American films  (via filthiestlaugh)

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July 27 2014
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‘It is, it’s one of the greatest parts you’ll ever play as an actress. Except it’s the reverse of Hamlet because he spends three hours worrying and does nothing, whereas Medea takes an hour and 15, massacres the whole fucking stage and walks off. But it’s great because she uses every shred of femininity that she has to do it, and she also has the complexity of guilt.’

Helen McCrory, answering the question “Is Medea a bit like a female Hamlet?”  (via filthiestlaugh)

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July 20 2014
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Tahar Rahim for Vogue Italia 

Tahar Rahim for Vogue Italia 

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May 28 2014
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"This is like a cavalcade of awesome Peggy faces, in this scene, desperately trying to be like, ‘This is a terrible idea but I’m trying not to squash your dream.’"—Jon Hamm, “A Little Kiss” DVD Audio Commentary

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May 9 2014
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My first love
was some insignificant boy
when it should have been

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April 11 2014
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A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it. It just blooms.

— from Zen Shin Talks  (via lovely—delight)

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March 13 2014
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"Don’t worry."

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February 19 2014
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i’m so tired of this “misogynist with a heart of gold” hollywood trope

i’m so tired of these leading men who treat women like shit until they meet the “right” kind of girl who is worthy of their respect

revealing that they were a good guy all along

i’m so tired of being told my humanity is negotiable 

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January 23 2014
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December 6 2013
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According to their survey, men hate when women wear beanies, floppy hats, hair bows, open-side shirts, oversize sweaters, shoulder pads, peplums, bandeau bikinis (“they just make your shoulders look like a linebacker”), bright lipstick, heavy eye makeup, fake nails, bangles, pointy-toed shoes, wedge sneakers, ultra-high heels, fold-over ankle boots (“it looks like the shoes have foreskins”), high-waisted jeans, high-waisted shorts, high-waisted skirts (“it lacks a certain degree of subtlety”), pantsuits (“you’re a woman, not a man”), drop-crotch pants (“really, any loose fitting pants,) and mullet dresses (“I just don’t get it — where’s the fucking party??? You are covering the back!”). The question is how to wear all of these things at once.

How to Dress So Basic Bros Leave You Alone - The Cut (via heylabodega)

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November 21 2013
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BlackBook, December 2012


BlackBook, December 2012

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November 10 2013
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With “Kiss You,” One Direction releases another single where they play the underdog that will do anything to woo over the girl of their dreams. They acknowledge insecurities, send a positive message and just want to have fun. That’s why people love them. Their music is cheesy and delicious.

We could sit around a pizza talking about its basic properties and how it’s essentially just a bread-cooked tomato sauce with cheese –- or we could just fucking eat the pizza and fucking love it. Not everything has to be that serious. I mean, for Christ’s sake, Niall actually sings “chinny chin chin” in “Kiss You.” We could spend all day talking about the ridiculousness of that -– or we could just smile and dance to their infectious cheesy pop perfection. You know you want to. Just have a slice.

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January 26 2013
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People don’t wanna be compared to the teenage girl; the teenage girl is hated, teenage girls hate themselves. If you listen to a certain kind of music, or if you express your emotions in a certain kind of way, if you self harm, you write diaries, all those kind of activities are sort of laughed at and ridiculed because they’re associated with being a teenage girl. Even just things like being cripplingly self conscious or overly concerned with our appearance, that’s considered like a teenage girl thing and therefore its ridiculous, it’s stupid, it’s not relevant or legitimate, and you know, what we needed at that age was legitimisation and respect and support but all we got was dismissal and “oh you’re such a teenage girl.

Feminism, Education, and the plight of the teenage girl  (via timlinceshit)

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December 28 2012
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